16 Google Drive Tips and Tricks to Increase Productivity


It’s difficult to trust that Google Drive is only three years of age … yes, truly. For an instrument still in its earliest stages, it’s surprising how rapidly it has enlivened the inquiry, “How could i have been able to I live without it?” Google Drive is currently imbued in the day by day lives of a large number of individuals, a number of whom depend on it for work. With an expanding number of organizations moving towards full cloud office selection, Google Drive use is just going to rise.

What began with humble—and in fact constrained—beginnings as Google Docs has changed into a capacity and coordinated effort powerhouse that serves as the point of convergence for Google Apps and the centerpiece for some specialists. On the off chance that your association is utilizing Google Apps for Work, it’s key that you know how to utilize Drive to its maximum capacity.

In this article, I will examine the coolest Google Drive traps, how to utilize them, and how they can help in expanding your efficiency on the administration. Perused on to investigate all the cool Google Drive traps:

1. Web Clipboard

One of the cool components that Google Drive offers in its Docs and Sheets web-applications, is the web clipboard. The web clipboard is fit for putting away the things that you duplicate to it. All in all, how is it not the same as the clipboard in our gadgets? All things considered, there are two key contrasts between the clipboard on a gadget, (for example, a Mac), and the web clipboard offered in Google Drive:

  • Web Clipboard is equipped for holding different number of replicated things, while the standard clipboard in a gadget more often than not generally just holds the last duplicated thing. This implies you can utilize the web clipboard to duplicate countless and afterward basically glue them wherever you need (inside Google Drive).
  • The Web Clipboard is additionally fit for duplicating and sticking information between various sheets. So you can duplicate some content off a sheet, and after that glue that content into an alternate sheet. That is completely astounding.

Be that as it may, duplicating content utilizing console hotkeys, for example, “Ctrl+C” does not work. To duplicate content to the web clipboard, you will need to choose the content, go to Edit – > Web Clipboard – > Copy selection to web clipboard.


2. Voice Typing

When you are making a Google Docs document, you can utilize Google’s in-constructed discourse to content framework to sort utilizing your voice. It works shockingly well, as well. Far and away superior, the discourse acknowledgment device can likewise comprehend charges, for example, “newline” and “period“, and it reacts to them by making another line, or by embeddings a period into the content.


Lamentably, this element doesn’t deal with Safari (since Safari doesn’t bolster WebRTC), however it chips away at most real programs, including Google Chrome, Firefox, Edge, and so forth. To utilize Voice Typing, you essentially need to go to Tools – > Voice Typing in a Google Docs record.

3. Work on Google Drive files offline

Wi-Fi amid plane flights is costly; in rustic zones, it’s elusive, however with disconnected access you can make alterations when the time calls for it—not when it’s advantageous. Google Drive permits you chip away at documents notwithstanding when you do not have a web association, consequently synchronizing changes once an association is reestablished.

Keeping in mind the end goal to exploit disconnected access, your Google Apps administrator needs to empower disconnected access to Google Docs editors. As a client, you can either utilize the Google Chrome program or Chrome gadgets like the Chromebook.

Google additionally offers a Google Drive desktop customer for both Mac and PC. The Drive desktop customer permits you to adjust records from your PC to the web. With the desktop customer, you can roll out improvements to an archive on your PC while disconnected; once you recapture network, the record will match up to the online adaptation of Google Drive.

You can even empower disconnected access for iOS (gif underneath) and Android variants of Google Drive.

4. Access and edit Google Drive files on the go

Potentially the most valuable element of any cloud office framework is the capacity to get to reports anyplace, whenever, and from about any gadget. Google Drive is the same. Basically sign into your Google account, go to your Drive, and you can get right the latest relevant point of interest—even on a cell phone.

Google Drive is accessible to download for both iOS and Android, also standalone portable variants of applications like Docs and Sheets. With these portable applications, workers can develop their office, rolling out brisk improvements on the abandon depending on a desktop or tablet.

5. Add links to Documents Without leaving the Web App

Having to continually hunt down things on the web, duplicating their connections, and adding them to an archive can rapidly get irritating and repetitive. Google Drive settles this also. You can essentially choose the content you need to make a hyperlink on, and press “Cmd+K” or “Ctrl+K“. This will open up a little discourse box just underneath the chose content, where you can look for catchphrases and pick the fitting connection, which will then consequently get hyperlinked in the report.

6. Publish files to the web

Google Drive additionally offers a component to distribute Docs documents, Sheets or Slides to the web. This sidesteps the need to impart connections to the doc to individuals. Things distributed to the web utilizing Google Drive can be shared by means of a connection, or they can be implanted into a page. The best part about utilizing Google Drive’s “distribute to the web” highlight is that you can set it up to be overhauled at whatever point you roll out improvements to the document. This implies the distributed substance will consequently get redesigned at whatever point you make an alter to the first record.


To distribute a record to the web, you can just open the document in Google Docs and go to File – > Publish To The Web.

7. View Google Drive Keyboard Shortcuts

In the event that you are anything like me, you lean toward utilizing the console to explore however much as could be expected around your gadgets. Utilizing console alternate routes is simpler, as well as winds up sparing a considerable measure of important time. In case you’re not persuaded, consider what is less demanding: duplicating content utilizing “Ctrl+C” or by right clicking, and selecting “Duplicate”? This applies to just about everything that we do on our gadgets, and Google Drive is no special case.

In the event that you are hoping to extend your insight into the console alternate ways that work inside Google Drive’s web application, you can essentially press “Ctrl+/” and you will be demonstrated a card with all the diverse console easy routes that are accessible in Google Drive.


Some of the essential shortcuts are as follows:

  • For Sharing selected item: . (dot)
  • To Show or to hide activity pane: i
  • To Show or to hide details pane: d
  • For Creating new Doc: Shift + t
  • For Creating new Presentation: Shift + p
  • For Creating new Spreadsheet: Shift + s
  • For Creating new Folder: Shift + f

8. Take advantage of Google Drive apps

Past additional items are Google Drive applications. The contrasts amongst applications and additional items are huge, however so, Google Drive applications coordinate with Google Drive to make an all the more effective experience, while additional items serve as an extra element that is added to a Google Drive application keeping in mind the end goal to improve it.

For instance, Google Docs is a Google Drive application, and with an extra called Translate, you can rapidly decipher reports from inside your Google Doc.

A Google Drive application then again, for example, PicMonkey, is an online application that works with Google Drive to enhance your capacity to alter photographs put away in your Google Drive.

Administrators can empower—or debilitate—the capacity to utilize outsider Google Drive applications. With Google Apps for Work and Education, you can even make a custom Chrome Web Btore for an area to help you choose which applications are a good fit for you or pre-introduce Chrome expansions and applications to your space. BetterCloud for Google Apps goes a stage past, permitting administrators to whitelist or boycott certain applications.

9. Increase Collaboration with Google Drive

Top to bottom, the collaboration experience of Google Drive is unmatched—though rival cloud office systems like Office 365 are working to close the gap. A simple user interface, features like automatic saving, and the capability to set sharing permissions to view only, comment, or edit provide a great experience for end users and admins alike. However, with data loss concerns on the rise, unmanaged sharing can create security issues.

With Google Apps for Work, admins can set sharing permissions for Google Drive files in order to restrict or allow users from sharing outside of their organization and choose the default link sharing setting for their users. However, setting stricter sharing permissions limits collaboration.

BetterCloud offers a feature that allows you to get the best of both worlds by correcting inappropriate sharing and setting policies to automate compliance, giving you the collaboration capabilities necessary to be efficient, while giving your admins the ability to keep sensitive data protected. BetterCloud also gives Google Apps admins much more visibility into their domain, offering admins the ability to drill down into their domain’s Google Drive with filters such as owner, type, size, file extension, exposure level, people and domains shared with, and much more.

Collaboration, though beneficial, has the potential to cause confusion when dealing with multiple editors. Google has dealt with this problem by allowing you to see—and manage—the latest revisions on your document.

To manage revisions, click File > See revision history. Suggestion-ModeAnother great feature for collaborators is “Suggesting” mode, which enables you to make all adjustments clearly visible to you co-collaborators. Suggesting mode gives editors the option to approve or discard your changes and is similar to Microsoft’s “Track Changes” feature. To turn on suggesting mode, switch from “Editing” to “Suggesting” in the upper right corner of your Google Doc.

10. Take advantage of Google Drive templates

Google Drive layouts are an underused highlight that can possibly make your work life, and that of people around you, much less demanding.

Google offers clients the capacity to get to open layouts, yet with a specific end goal to do as such, administrators must empower access to open formats. Google has a display of formats you can utilize, yet we additionally set up together a broad Google Drive layout exhibition.

For Google Apps for Business and Education clients, you’ll have the capacity to get to formats made by people inside your space. You can make nonexclusive formats that others can use for things like presentations, reports, contextual investigations, and that’s only the tip of the iceberg.

At times, for example, an instruction situation, administrators might need to debilitate Drive layouts in their space to avert misuse.

11. Secure your Google Drive

Distributed storage has carried with it a bunch of advantages to the undertaking, in any case some distributed storage suppliers have had security issues before. Security at last begins with the end-client and there are various ways you can enhance your security stance. For a begin, arm yourself with a solid watchword. With vital venture information being put away in the cloud, you ought to use Google’s two component verification setting. Take consideration to set the proper consents.

12. Find files in Google Drive with Docurated

Organizations are relocating unfathomable measures of information from legacy frameworks to Google Drive. With more endeavor substance being put away in Google Drive there will definitely be an expansion in time spent scanning for important documents and envelopes. Gratefully there is an answer. Docurated resemble “Google” for business records, empowering clients to in a split second find and utilize the accurate page or slide of data they require, regardless of where it is put away, without opening a solitary record or organizer. Docurated changes distributed storage and any record server into one canny, portable, noteworthy learning suite and makes deals reps more fruitful by giving quick access to the most important substance.

13. OCR on Images and PDFs

Google Drive additionally has a somewhat perfect OCR highlight concealed away inside the web application (and the Android application, tragically not in the iOS application). This element can perceive the content inside your pictures and PDFs and make an editable, searchable Google Docs document. Isn’t that great? The impediment of this strategy is that the content ought to be perfectly composed, and ought to ideally appropriately appear differently in relation to whatever is left of the picture, or the OCR won’t not have the capacity to perceive the content legitimately.


Additionally, OCR on Google Drive doesn’t continue designing in place when it changes over the record into a Google Docs document, this implies any organized content will be perceived as would be expected content, with no arranging.

To utilize OCR on your pictures or PDFs, just transfer them on Google Drive. At that point, right tap on them and select “Open in Google Docs“, and Google Drive will change over the picture/PDF into an editable “content just” document.


I tried the OCR capacities of Google Drive by making an example JPEG comprising of content, a table, arranged content, and some content in calligraphy textual styles.

This is not the slightest bit the best acknowledgment you can get on an OCR, yet it will work for your essential needs. On the off chance that you require an OCR programming that can impeccably perceive and separate content, information and designing from your archives, you can look at our article on the best OCR programming.

14. Automatically Save Emails and Attachments to Google Drive

Another extra for Google Sheets, called Save Emails and Attachments, does precisely what its name infers. You can characterize rules in view of components, for example, the sender’s email ID, the subject, message size, connections and so on, and the extra will run each hour naturally, and sync messages from your Gmail email account into a spreadsheet. It likewise spares a duplicate of the email as a PDF inside Google Drive, alongside any connections in the email.


The extra can likewise be run physically if required, by going into Addons->Save Emails and Attachments – > Manage Rules – > Run Manually.

15. Add Multiple Rows and Columns to Google Sheets

Google Sheets is an entirely balanced apparatus, and it gives verging on each spreadsheet ability that somebody may require. Join that with the plenty of additional items accessible for Google Sheets and you will see exactly how unimaginably capable it can get. In any case, the one disadvantage of Google Sheets is that it doesn’t permit clients to different include lines and segments in the sheet. It just permits including lines and segments one-by-one, however this can get dull in the event that you have to include numerous lines and/or sections to the spreadsheet. To fill this glaring hole in usefulness, you can utilize an extra called “Include Rows and Columns”. This extra permits you to include numerous lines and sections in Google Sheets effortlessly.


16. Drive Notepad

A standout amongst the most valuable applications accessible for Google Drive will be Drive Notepad which gives you a chance to see and alter plain-message reports. Drive Notepad additionally underpins linguistic structure arranging for large portions of the most well known programming dialects.