91 Personalize Screen Locker for Android


The bolt screen on Android has experienced a considerable measure of changes throughout the years. While we like the bolt screen Google offers on stock Android, it does not have any customization choices. Indeed, that is the place the outsider bolt screen applications become an integral factor. All things considered, one such extraordinary application is 91 Locker.

The application is accessible for nothing on the Play Store and gives you a chance to make your own one of a kind customized bolt screen. Sounds cool? All things considered, we should dive into the points of interest of the application.

Key Features

Before we get to the UI and use of the 91 Locker application, we should discuss its key components:

  • DIY Lock Screen Templates

91 Locker brings various cool bolt screen formats that you can use to make your customized bolt screen. You can modify the formats utilizing photographs of your loved ones. Really, you can utilize any custom picture.


  • Unique Lock Styles

On the off chance that you are exhausted of a similar secure style in the stock Android bolt screen, you will acknowledge what 91 Locker brings to the table. The application brings interesting lock plans, which you can likewise customize with pictures. There are distinctive sorts of locks, similar to secret key, designs, photograph watchword and so forth and you can modify them all.


  • Wallpaper Gallery

The bolt screen application additionally brings a cool backdrop exhibition, which packs in various fantastic bolt screen backdrops, which ought to do your Android cell phone’s show equity. The backdrops are accessible in various classes like Beauty and Fashion, Nature, Cars, Animals, Sky and so forth.


User Interface

With regards to the UI of the 91 Locker application, we entirely like it. The application highlights three tabs at the base for Template, Wallpaper and Passcode. These tabs then component singular tabs for different classes and areas. Additionally, the application includes a burger menu, which gives you a chance to hop to the application’s settings, give criticism, get help and the sky is the limit from there. The application is anything but difficult to explore and it looks cutting edge.


We particularly like the way that you can bounce to various areas with a solitary tap. Likewise, the UI in the different pages like Template, Wallpaper and so forth truly showcase the different components in the application truly well. Discussing the UI of the bolt screen, it’s straightforward and clean, which is something we truly acknowledge with regards to bolt screens on Android.

Ease of Use

When you first introduce the 91 Locker application on Android, the application directs on how you can utilize the different components like easy routes on the bolt screen, formats and so on and that is a truly pleasant touch. Generally speaking, the application is easy to utilize and we very like the execution the application offers.


The bolt screen rushes to open and the different signals from the bolt screen have exactly the intended effect. Additionally, utilizing the formats is a breeze, as it gives you a chance to container and squeeze on the photos you include, to ensure everything looks idealize. The main thing that numerous individuals would aversion is the incorporation of application proposals in the instruments alternate way in the bolt screen. Something else that we miss is the capacity to dispatch applications from the bolt screen.

To entirety things up, on the off chance that you have had terrible encounters in the past with regards to bolt screen applications, 91 Locker will astonish you with its execution and client encounter.


  • Fluid performance
  • Cool customization features
  • Handy additional tools


  • Application proposals
  • No application easy routes from the bolt screen

91 Locker: Beautiful Lock Screens with Swift Performance

We were pretty cynic when we initially begun utilizing the 91 Locker application, as not all the bolt screen applications are sufficient. Gratefully, the 91 Locker is an incredible offering and alongside its personalization choices, the application offers smooth execution, which is truly great. All things considered, those were our musings on the 91 Locker application, yet we’d love to get notification from you.

Installation: Click on the 91 Locker to get it installed on your system with completely free of cost.