Best 5 Android alarm clock apps for Heavy Sleepers

Best Android alarm clock for Heavy Sleepers

In the olden days, there were alarm clocks to wake you up from sleep that often proved to be very useful during the winters when coming out of the blanket can seem to be a difficult task. But with the development of technology, alarm clocks have taken a back seat, and the smartphones alarm clocks have come to the forefront. Thus, some best alarm clock apps for Android phones are:

1. Alarmy (Sleep if u can)

This app comes from the Delight Room Co. Ltd and has become the world’s most annoying alarm clock. In this app, you take a picture of an object like the cupboard, your balcony or maybe anything that’s away from your reach while you are in bed. The picture is then registered in the app, and you can set and alarm on the application once it is configured. Now, when the alarm starts ringing in the morning time, you have to wake up, walk to the object whose picture it is and then take a similar picture again to turn off the alarm. But remember to deactivate the alarm or change the image or else it would be difficult to stop the alarm. You can also choose from the different themes, colors and customize it.alarmy

To download Alarmy from play store Click Here (Free)

2. Morning routine alarm clock

Developed by Agens AS this is also like an alarm but instead of asking you to wake up and click pictures of cupboards or balcony it prompts you to scan the barcode of the serials you eat or of the toothpaste you use. It has one of the best graphics, and its interface is visually very attractive. Once you have turned off the alarm, you can launch a custom app or a URL to read the news with the morning coffee. This app links the alarm sequence with a particular Wi-Fi network, and if the network is not found, it wont give you the barcode to scan.morning routine

To download Morning Routine from play store Click Here (Free)

3. Puzzle alarm clock

This app was developed by the Wro Claw Studio ltd. Puzzle alarm clock, like the name suggests, will give you random puzzles every morning and make sure you are awake to solve it to turn the alarm off. You can either choose maths, memory problem or some pattern based puzzles with three levels varying on their difficulty. You can set the series of five puzzles, but that can be a little too much to solve early in the morning for your brain. This alarm app also has QR Code and NFC-based alarm disabling option. It also gives you ideal time to go to bed notification depending upon the wake-up alarm clock you have set. Good for your health. It is a well-designed app and, of course, worth a try.puzzle alarm clock

To download Puzzle Alarm Clock  from play store Click Here (Free)

4. Shake-it alarm

Developed by IngYoMate this alarm is one of the simplest alarm clock app on the list, and you need only to shake your phone continuously to turn off the alarm every morning. The only thing is that it’s not two or three shakes we are talking about; It’s shaking the phone for 6 to 10 seconds until unless and the bar in the app is filled up and the alarm is turned off. This app can be great for people who don’t like solving maths question or puzzles early in the morning. The important feature of Shake-it Alarm clock is that you can preset users to send a message to which means if you don’t wake up, you can choose to send a preset message your mother, friend or your best friend to call and wake you up.shake it alarm

To download Shake-it Alarm  from play store Click Here (Free)

5. Sleep as Android

Developed by the Urbandroid team this app is rather good and keeps track of your sleep throughout the night and wakes you gently in the mornings. All you need to do is to set the alarm for Sleep as Android and activate the sleep mode and keep your the phone on your mattress. The app will keep a track on your sleep using accelerometer and trace when you are in a deep sleep and light sleep. Now, seeing when you are in the light sleep, the alarm will sound in a time duration of 30 mins, and you will be greeted by soothing nature sound to wake up.sleep like Droid

To download Sleep as Androide  from play store Click Here (Free)