Best Browser Games You Must Try Once

Best Browser Games

Looking for some best browser games? Here is the list of few best browser games you can play. These games will make you addict.

1. Contre-jour

contre-jourThis is a best puzzle game which is simple and easy to play. This game has Petit, a blob, you need to control the blob, and you need to do it by changing the environment that is around the blob to make it move in any direction to reach the end point. This game needs you to put your brain as it is not that easy as it looks. You need to solve every part of the puzzle and find out many solutions for different puzzles given in this game. This game is best for your browser. This game is developed by Mokus and is freely available to play click here to download.

2. Hex GL

hex glThis is one game that will make you excited. It will make you stand and gives you a good racing feel. This game is fully loaded with graphics and gives you a realistic look and feel.  You need to have a good graphic configuration to play this game. The game has a racing jet that needs to be driven to complete all the laps in the race before the computer wins. You should be very attentive while driving this as it might be destroyed when you are hitting a wall. Or you will be losing your health. This game is developed by the BkCore and is available in-game purchase.

3. Vector Runner

vector runnerThis game is one addicting game that needs the controlling of a vector going to the end point. All you need to do is command the vector to travel along the path and avoid it going on to the obstacles. Once you reach some checkpoints you will be excited with the fastness in the game, and when you give a single click your vector will jump, and if you want your vector to jump higher, then you need to double click it. This game is like you need to jump to higher ground or to jump above an obstacle. This game is developed by Dig Your Own Grave and is available in-game purchase.

4. Formula fever

Formula FeverInterested in playing formula one race, and then this game will satisfy you. This game is a formula one simulator game. All you need to do is race on the track to unlock other stages and other levels. You will be excited to see the unlocked levels. You need to collect the coins in every stage to unlock the levels and to buy new cars. This game is developed by Famobi, and it’s a free game to play.

5. Color run

Color RunThis is a simple game that has some color patterns. All you need to do is select the lightest shade. This game will improve your brain sharpness and the cognitive abilities. You can improve your color perception also. This game is a time-based game, so you need to make the moves before the time runs out. You can get some time by playing a little faster. You will find a dark color which will end the game if you click it. This game is developed by the Make the Web, and it’s free

6. Hextris

HextrisThis game is a combination of Tetris with a moving hexagon. Keyboard is used to control your game, and all you need to do is move the colored bars to left direction or the right direction. You need to match same colors then you will be earning some points. The deeper you going this game, the tougher will be the levels. This game will excite you. This sis developed by the Logan Engstrom and a free game to play.


Agar.ioThis is one of the best games for your browser, and this needs the controlling of a small blob. This blob moves along with the other blobs in the arena, and this will take all the other dots and becomes bigger. You need to be very care with the other blobs as they will be eating you if you are not careful. This game is developed by the and also free.

8. Cut the rope

Cut The RopeThis is an exciting game with a common that is hungry and comes on to a browser to play with it. All you require to do is cut the rope to feed the monster with the candies. You need to cut the correct rope for the monster to feed on this candy. Every time you cut a rope you need to think a lot and use to your brains to do this. You can get some points if your candy touches the starts. This small game is developed by the Zeptolab and a free game.

9. 2048

2048You like mathematical puzzles. Then you can use this game to improve your analytical skills. This is one good game that is available for your browser to play. All you need to do is combine the tiles to get the result 2048. The goal is to add same tiles to get this 2048

This seems easy but this needs a lot of thinking. This game is developed by the Gabriele Cirulli and free game to play.

10. Little Alchemy

Little AlchemyIf you are lovers of alchemy, then you can use this game. All you have to do is create amazing things with two different items. So you can create your own flowers, plants and other things with a combination of some objects. This game looks like a science and creating new products by combining some products.

11. Pixel race

Pixel RaceThe hand video game contains this game. The game contains a race car that needs to cross the opponents and go to the point. The same game is designed with different little features. You need to control this car, and you collect all the coins for gaining extra points. You must collect all the coins, and you will be reaching the top position on the winners list. This game is developed by Maruf Nebil and a free game.

Other games like Jetpack master developed by Games1 and a free game. Have a jetpack and collect the coins. Run Pixie Run under these hurdles and reach the goal. Arenas 5 control your ship in the evil geometrical ships. Astray, Kumba karate, the moon are the other games.


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