15 Best Firefox Add-ons for Better Browsing

best add on for mozila firefox

Firefox browser has many helpful add-ons that make browsing, even more, interesting and useful. They may be free or otherwise, and new such add-ons are created all the time. If any of them stop working it is easily replaceable with others that can be used instead. Some best firefox add-ons that make browsing a cake walk are:

1. Tile Tabsfirefox addons tile tabs

It is one of the most powerful add-ons and allows the users to work on multiple websites at once by arranging them and resizing them according to their wishes. It is the best tool for people who love multi-tasking.

2. Lazarusfirefox addons lazarus

Imagine you are working on content, or a blog and your browser crashes or power go off, and you lose all the data. This can be prevented by adding the Lazarus add-on that saves all that you type in forms and text boxes in an encrypted and secure folder in your firefox profile and helps you to restore lost texts. Form History Control is another such addon that contributes to save data from getting lost.

3. Private tabprivate tab in mozila

This add-on let lets you open private tabs as the name suggests without keeping any record of it in the browsing history. These tabs can be differentiated from the regular ones by underlined tab names. You can also create private bookmarks here meaning these links will open only under private tabs by adding private in front of the required URL.

4. Stylishfirefox addons stylish

By applying this addon you can change the look of the website from colors to fonts and other things. You can create your own styles or add from the free ones available at userstyles.org. A stylish script can completely change the look of a website and make it look great.

5. Noscriptfirefox addons noscript

This addon provides security on the Firefox and prevents clickjacking, cross-site scripting attacks and unwanted loading of Javascript, flash and other contents. This addon also provides opt-out Donottrack features and many other features that can make browsing secure and easy.

6. Resurrect pagesfirefox addons resurrectsite

Often websites fail to load or don’t open on the click. This addon helps you to view the mirrored or cached version of the website even when it is not available. One can use Resurrect Pages from the Firefox context menu (right-click menu), toolbar button or via a keyboard shortcut.

7. DownThem Allfirefox addons downthemall

It is a very popular addon on firefox and helps to manage all downloads and accelerates their process. It also contributes to pause and resume downloading even on the closure of the browser. It is easy to use and helps to download an entire website with just a click. This add-on splits files to download in chunks and helps in a faster download.

8. Clean linksfirefox addons clear links

This link contributes to making clear any connection that may be hiding some information, and they become transparent for all to see easily. It can remove affiliate and tracking tags from different URL’S.

9. TabMixPlusfirefox addons tab mix plus

This is one of the best and must have add-ons for all Firefox users. Using this you can merge, guard and lock tabs, open closed tabs, toggle animations and enable the Reload Every option. It can also manage your Firefox sessions, save opened tabs and edit.

10. NoSquintfirefox addons nosquint

Sometimes font and text backgrounds are all wrong and put a strain to the eyes. NoSquint addon helps you to fix this problem and makes the text easier to read by making your website pleasant with the right colors, fonts, and texts.

11. Prevent Tab Overflowfirefox addons taboverflow

Sometimes many tabs are opened simultaneously, and this add-on helps to reduce their size so that more tabs can become into the bar at once. It can also contribute to save tab bar space.

12. URL Fixerfirefox addons urlfixer

This add-on helps to correct typos in the address bar and works like the auto correct. You can also add your own URL fixes and changes, can remember changes and add them to the list automatically.

13. Multifoxfirefox addons multifox

This add-on helps you to create separate profiles for different accounts so that they don’t interfere with each other, and you can switch between them quickly.

14. Flashblockfirefox addons flashblock

It is an add-on that helps you to block videos from start playing on shockwave, flash, Silverlight and HTML5 and allows you to play them only when you want to. Just click the play button on flash block placeholder to view them. Flashblock does not work if Javascript is disabled.

15. URL Aliasfirefox addons url alias

Linux system users, who do not afraid from CMD can be easily familiar with the aliases. Aliases are nothig they are just a kind textual shortcuts that use to avoid you to typing full URL. For example, you can set an alias “yt” for “http://youtube.com”, and when you just type “yt” into the address bar whenever you want to access Youtube. Some other advanced configuration options are explained in the Preferences dialog also.