How to Fix YouTube Videos Not Playing on Android, iPhone, PC or Mac


YouTube is our go-to arrangement with regards to expending the most recent recordings. Skimming through different YouTube recordings is a past time for various individuals however imagine a scenario in which your YouTube recordings quit playing. Indeed, the world grinds to a halt and you have no clue what to do with your life any longer, isn’t that so? On the off chance that you are somebody who has been confronting issues with YouTube recordings not stacking, you are not the only one. Off late, various individuals have been grumbling about different issues on YouTube. For a few, the YouTube application on phone demonstrates a blunder while playing a video or there’s no video and just sound or the other way around. PC and Mac clients appear to confront an issue where a YouTube video simply does not begin and you just get a dark screen on the program.


“Presently, the spot where the video would play is only one major black box and it is workable yesterday. What’s going on and why are YouTube recordings not playing? I’ve been attempting to search for an answer however have been unsuccessful. Is there anybody can help me? Much obliged ahead of time.”

As a standout amongst the most prevalent video sharing and spilling locales, YouTube have numerous steadfast fans all the time and it generally brings much entertaining or essential data for clients. In any case, every one of us have experienced the circumstance of YouTube not playing recordings. What’s more, a few people can make sense of the correct approach to restart YouTube recordings, while other can’t.

Thus, in the event that you are confronting an issue with YouTube video playback, we have your back, as we are posting down approaches to alter YouTube recordings not playing on Android, iOS, PC or Mac:

On Android

If you have Android phone then you need not to worry, Simply follow the given procedure for this.

1. Clear YouTube App Cache

Along these lines ought to most likely work in the event that you are confronting any mistakes while playing recordings in the YouTube application. To clear the YouTube application’s reserve, head to Settings->Apps->YouTube and in the YouTube application information page, tap on “Storage“. Here, tap on “Clear Cache“.


In the event that this doesn’t work out, you can likewise “Clear Data” from the same page and “Force Stop” the application to check whether it has any kind of effect.

2. Update YouTube App

Odds are, you are as of now on the most recent YouTube application, be that as it may, in the event that you aren’t, overhaul your application immediately. All things considered, that is on the grounds that the more established YouTube application quits working after some time and that may be the reason recordings aren’t playing in the YouTube application.

On iOS

If you have iOS phone then you need not to worry, Simply follow the given procedure for this.

1. Clear YouTube App Cache

Like Android, you will need to clear the reserve of the YouTube application to repair things. Notwithstanding, iOS does not give you a chance to clear application reserves, so there’s one and only way, that is uninstalling and re-introducing the application. When you have done that, you ought to see recordings playing fine on YouTube.

2. Enable Mobile Data Usage on YouTube

In the event that you are attempting to play YouTube recordings on cell information, you may confront an issue since portable information utilization is not empowered for the YouTube application. To empower it, head to Settings->Mobile/Cellular and look down to the base to discover YouTube. Simply turn on the switch for the application and you ought to see that the recordings play fine.


3. Update YouTube App

Google evacuates support for more established adaptations of the YouTube application and that may the motivation behind why the application isn’t playing recordings for you. Thus, ensure the YouTube application is overhauled to the most recent variant from the App Store.

On PC and Mac


On the off chance that you are confronting YouTube playback issues on Chrome, here are some approaches to alter it:

1. Enable JavaScript

YouTube recordings won’t keep running without JavaScript empowered, so you have to ensure it’s empower on your PC. To empower it, head over to Chrome Settings and snap on “Show advanced settings“. In the “Privacy” segment, click on “Content Settings“. Here, discover the JavaScript area and select “Permit all destinations to run JavaScript (prescribed)” and tap on “Done”.


2. Clear Cache and Cookies

On the off chance that YouTube recordings are playing in the undercover mode or when implanted on a site, then you have to clear Chrome’s reserve and treats to repair things. To do it, hit the three-dot menu catch in Chrome and go to More Tools and tap on “Clear browsing information“. You can likewise go to clear scanning information specifically by squeezing the easy route Ctrl+Shift+Delete.

In the Clear perusing information page, tick the alternatives for store and cookies, then tap on “Clear browsing information“. Once done, YouTube recordings ought to begin playing on Chrome.


3. Enable Do Not Track Requests

This is another way, which has worked for a few people, so there’s no motivation behind why you ought not give it a shot. To empower it, go to Chrome Settings->show advanced settings and in the “Privacy” segment, empower “Send ‘Don’t Track’ ask for with your scanning movement”. At that point, close and relaunch Chrome and have a go at playing a YouTube video to check whether it works.


4. Disable Hardware Acceleration

This is another technique that has effectively settled YouTube hiccups, so you should try it out. In Chrome Settings, click on “Show propelled settings” and after that look down to “Framework” area. Here, uncheck “Use equipment quickening when accessible”.


In the event that the previously mentioned routes neglect to settle YouTube on Chrome, you ought to check the expansions introduced, as some additional items do meddle with YouTube’s working and expelling them may alter the issue.


On the off chance that you are a Mac client confronting YouTube issues on Safari, you can have a go at clearing treats and skimming information to alter it. That is the main arrangement truly on the off chance that you are utilizing Safari. To clear treats and scanning information, head to Safari Preferences and in the “Privacy” tab, click on “Manage Website Data“. In the following window that opens up, snap on “Remove All“.



On the off chance that clearing treats and scanning information on Safari does not alter YouTube playback, you ought to look at the expansions introduced. Evacuate the expansions you think may meddle with YouTube and recordings ought to begin playing fine.

Also i would like to discuss in very short about what are the main causes due to which the YouTube Videos Not Play and also with their solutions:

1. Browser is Outdated

Regardless of what sort of program introduced on your Mac/PC/iPad iPhone (Chrome, Firefox, Safari, IE and the sky is the limit from there), you ought to consider whether your program is obsolete or not when YouTube recordings not stacking. It is correct that YouTube video black box won’t give you an innovation notice like: Old Firefox variant identified, please upgrade your Firefox to 38.0 or higher.

Solution: Check your program’s rendition and contrast it with the most recent one. In the event that it is not the most recent rendition, then you ought to overhaul it taking after the program upgrade direction.

2. Haven’t installed adobe Flash Player

As experienced YouTube clients, they know it is an unquestionable requirement to introduce Adobe Flash Player which is a module utilized by YouTube web program. What’s more, Adobe Flash Player streams the vast majority of YouTube recordings. For somebody first came to YouTube, he/she will overlook Adobe Player establishment note since they trust this is a hazardous download. Also, for some unpracticed YouTube clients, they presumably will experience YouTube recordings not playing too since they are unconscious of the significance of continually upgrading Adobe Flash Player module. Incidentally, now and again regardless of the possibility that you introduced Adobe Flash Player, you can at present experience YouTube no stable/sound issue. Why? You may introduced an obsolete Adobe Flash Player or your Adobe Flash Player is broken with some missing information and so on.

Solution: To keep away from YouTube mistake of recordings not playing, introduce Adobe Flash Player module when you came to YouTube site at the first run through; redesign Adobe Flash Player as indicated by its brief.

3. Over – estimate Video Quality

Absolutely, everybody supports the brilliant video. For making clients having the best review experience, YouTube permits individuals to unreservedly change video quality from low to high. Now and again, it is attainable. Yet, YouTube recordings won’t play, for example, YouTube dark screen issue or burrly YouTube recordings, if your chose video quality is higher than its unique transfer quality. To be particular, a few recordings were recorded taking into account the standard definition with the goal that they are not accessible in the superior quality.

Solution: In this sort of case, it is shrewd for you to change the nature of the video. You can go to the apparatus symbol and select the quality that you lean toward. Coincidentally, you would be advised to watch YouTube video with its default video quality for dodging of YouTube recordings not appearing.

4. Too many cache and cookies

It is most likely an excessive number of store and treats will likewise prompt video not playing on YouTube. Accordingly, clients ought to give careful consideration to store and treats when your YouTube recordings not playing Chrome, Safari, Firefox and so on.

Solution: Clear store and treats and afterward restart your program to play YouTube recordings once more. The following is the point by point working direction about various programs.

Firefox: Click Firefox Menu > History > Clear Recent History > Details > Cache > Clear Now;

Chrome: Click Chrome Menu > Settings > Show Advanced Settings > Clear Browsing Data > Empty the Cache/Delete Cookies;

IE: Click Gear symbol > Safety > Delete Browsing History > Temporary Internet Files/Preserve Favorites Website Data > Delete;

Safari (for Mac OS X): Click Safari Menu > Empty Cache > Empty.

5. JavaScript is disabled

Perhaps numerous individuals don’t comprehend what JavaScript is. In any case, it doesn’t make a difference; you simply need to know JavaScript must be empowered in your program for reason for avoiding YouTube recordings not playing.

Solution: Enable JavaScript before you play YouTube recordings.