Flickr Alternatives: 10 Best Photo Sharing Sites

Flickr Alternatives: 10 Best Photo Sharing Sites

Long time ago people use physical photographs and arrange them in photo album. Well, with the change of time digital photographs are used now. To save digitally your photos you need an online storage space to arrange your photo memories, which is provided by photo sharing websites.

While there are many websites which are offering image hosting services. Some of them proving like album interface, editing and copyrights options. There has been an uptick of photos sharing sites today. Although Flickr is one of the best Photo sharing sites on the web today, yet there are definitely alternatives to Flickr that people should know about and consider

Why the need for Flickr Alternatives?

Flickr is the decent online image sharing service. But it not able to convince its user base according to millions of criticized. Flickr did not have a pretty interface for professional photographer or workers to showcase their work.

10 Best Flickr Alternatives for Photo sharing

1. 500PX

500pxThis is one of the best Flickr alternatives available on the web today. This Toronto-based service helps users to upload photos from their local devices, or through Dropbox, Facebook and other integrations. It has an annual fee of 25$ and allows to upload 20 images per week. Better Albums layout, better commenting and user voting structure makes 500px one of the best options for photographers. Its free plan allows users to upload and earn royalties when their photos are used somewhere else. Their premium plans allow for integration with Google analytics and has free Android and iOS applications.

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2. Imgur

ImgurIt is the home to some of the best cat pictures and memes. The Upvote/Downvote and Favourite features allow the Imgur users to rank the uploaded images. Imgur enables users to either upload images from local drive, by image URL or by dragging and dropping them to Imgur. You can either take to make the photos public or choose to create your own private album on the network. Using Imgur, you can easily share images on social media and this service also acts as a social network, by helping you to connect with others through messages and images.

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3. DeviantArt

DeviantArtIt is a young and vibrant community mostly used by professional photographers and artists. DeviantArt has a free membership and allows users to store 2 GB of images on the network. It is the best way to get good and meaningful feedback from the users. It is best to place to connect and interact with professional artists to get their views on your ideas. It is a great place for all digital photography and art admirer.

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4. Instagram

InstagramThis Facebook-owned mobile application has become a great photo sharing sites of today. It does not have a web version, but it does apply the limit on the number of photos you can upload on the net. You can even upload short videos of around 15 seconds here. This is easy to connect with Facebook, Tumblr and Twitter making it easy to repost images on other social networks. It also allows users to send private images directly to another user. Its filters and explore tab, helps you to search by Hashtags.

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5. Smugmug

SmugMugThis is the best premium all paid photo sharing service on the net and is best for professional photographers and artists. It offers unlimited space and upload to all its premium users. It also provides other features like online digital store-front for your images, themes for your store-front, right-click protection,custom domain names and much more on their other high-end services. It has plans from 5$ to 35$ per month. Smugmug is the best place for professional photographers to showcase and sell their art. SmugMug even allows Video and GIF uploading which is not available elsewhere.

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6. This life

ThisLifeIt gets all of your images from their different places like your local devices and social networks into a single place and is a great online photo sharing and organizing tool. This can also be used to manage all of your images and uploads from a single dashboard. ThisLife offers unlimited photo uploads and requires paid subscription, only to upload videos. ThisLife includes features like Facial recognition, Auto-importing of tags, organized timeline view, Auto-uploading, slideshows, etc. It is a feature rich online photo sharing site.

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7. Photobucket

PhotobucketIt is one of the biggest online photo sharing services of today. Here users can upload images and videos from local devices, through Facebook or URLs. Photobucket offers 2 GB of free space to the users, and if you want more space, then you can upgrade to a premium plan. It supports all file formats and has the best privacy settings. Your upload here can be Public, Private and Password-protected. You can browse images from top categories or can directly print images on Photobucket.

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8. Google Photos

Google PhotosYou can upload unlimited photos and videos from different devices and social media profiles in this. It organizes all of your media beautifully and has some great photo editing tools too. Although it offers unlimited uploads yet it compresses too big size pictures which are a disappointment for professional photographers. Integrated with Android and iOS apps, it is one of the best photo sharing apps, and if you don’t want the resolution of images to be changed then, you can choose their paid plan of $1.99/month for 100 GB and so on.

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9. Facebook

FacebookFacebook allows users to upload an unlimited number of photos and videos and has privacy options to make images private, public or share them with a select few. You can create any number of albums here and geo-tag the location and your friends within it. Over 350 million photographs are uploaded here every day.

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10. iCloud photo library

iCloud Photo LibraryIt is a great photo sharing service and provides easy integration across all devices, and makes it easier for users to organize their photos. Using this service, every photo or video that you take gets synced across all of your Apple devices. It even allows a creation of a shared library to include friends and family in your photo streams. iCloud Photo Library allows a drag-and-drop management of your photos. It has 5GB free storage and for more space you have to subscribe.

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