How to Get Pixel’s Fingerprint Gestures on any Android Phone


The Google Pixel has been in the news for all the right reasons. It is effectively the best Android cell phone of 2016, it has the best camera on a cell phone (with a DXOMark score of 89), and is in general, an exceptionally very much adjusted gadget. In any case, one of the lesser discussed components of the Pixel is the colossal unique finger impression signals it offers that are a piece of Android 7.1. You can essentially swipe down on the unique mark scanner on the Pixel, and the Notification Shade drops down. That is truly cool, and can demonstrate valuable in a great deal of circumstances. In the event that you need Pixel like unique mark signals on your Android cell phone, there is a way.

Get the Fingerprint Gestures on your Android Phone

Google Assistant not withstanding (you can get it on your established non-Pixel Android Nougat cell phone), components, for example, these might make you sense that you’re passing up a great opportunity for a lot, on your non-Pixel cell phone. All things considered, there’s uplifting news for you: XDA client ztc1997 has made an application that you can use on any Android cell phone (Android 6.0+), which will permit you to empower custom signals for your unique mark scanner.

Lamentably, the application is not accessible in the Google Play Store. You can, be that as it may, download it from the official string on XDA, where the designer has posted the connection himself.

Using the Fingerprint Gesture App

Downloading, and introducing the application is simple. You can simply head on over to the application’s string on XDA, and download the application from the connection toward the end of the first post.


In the first place things to start with, we have to flip the application “ON”, in our openness settings. This is required, as without this, the signals won’t work.


Since we have it set up, we should hop inside the application. From the get go, obviously the application is intended to be a straightforward application. There are no confounded switches, and ineffectively worded alternatives (that are more wretchedness than offer assistance). Comprehensively, you can empower, or debilitate Fingerprint Quick Actions in general. You additionally get the choice to just react to enlisted fingerprints. This will guarantee that no one but you can get to the Fingerprint motions on your phone. Not by any stretch of the imagination essential, as I would like to think, however it may prove to be useful for you, and it is unquestionably not a terrible choice to have.


One of the more imperative settings that you can empower, is called “Foreground Service“. This setting basically guarantees that the application doesn’t get executed when it is sitting out of sight. Empowering this will guarantee that your unique mark motions will work at all times. Regardless of the possibility that the application has been sitting out of sight for very long.

Presently, the application highlights two snappy activities: a solitary tap, and a quick swipe. The designer is anticipating including more, later on. These activities can be altered to do a variety of things. You can utilize them to put your gadget to rest, backpedal, go home, indicate late applications, flip split screen, and a ton of different activities. For my situation, I have the single tap set up to “Go Back“, and the quick swipe to “Expand Notification Panel“.


I noticed that the “Single Tap” takes more than a tap to enroll. You really need to tap on the unique finger impression scanner, and rest your finger there for very nearly a second prior to it enlists. The quick swipe, works fine, and in any course.