Google Allo vs WhatsApp: How the New Google Smart Messaging App Fares


Being texting applications, WhatsApp and Google Allo are fundamentally the same as. Really, it is still ahead of schedule to analyze an entrenched application like WhatsApp which has seen several redesigns since its dispatch with the sneak peak release of another application like Allo. Be that as it may, such contemplations don’t hold much significance according to a client. On the off chance that an application (old or new) is preferred in elements over its partner, the client lean towards the one that is more easy to use and offers more protection and security highlights.

Google Allo has quite recently landed, in the wake of being declared at the Google I/O gathering prior this year and individuals are as of now announcing it to be the WhatsApp executioner. While we concur that Allo’s Smart Reply highlight and Google Assistant coordination are some truly instinctive increments, regardless it has far to go before it can even consider turning into a feasible rivalry to the Facebook possessed WhatsApp. In the event that you’ve utilized Allo, you more likely than not appreciated it and you probably considered how it admissions against WhatsApp, isn’t that so? All things considered, how about we discover!

Note: We are looking at Google Allo and WhatsApp from an Android client viewpoint yet the greater part of the focuses ought to be legitimate for iPhone clients also.

Google Allo: What’s Unique?

Like WhatsApp, Google Allo incorporates the typical elements you would expect in an informing application like the capacity to share media and area, custom warnings, read receipts, voice messages, GIF bolster, bunch visits and so on. Nonetheless, we should discuss the elements that make Google Allo emerge against the exceptionally prevalent WhatsApp.

1. Stickers

How about we start with a really fundamental element like stickers, which is something many individuals have been needing for WhatsApp. Allo packs in stickers alongside a sticker store, where you can download more. The store does not pack a huge amount of stickers, starting now, yet that ought to change soon, as Allo begins getting some footing.


2. Shout or Whisper a Message

While Allo does not have the capacity to arrangement content, it incorporates a cool yell and whisper highlight, which is only the capacity to increment or abatement the extent of a content to make it more expressive. You can simply sort a content and squeeze hang on the send catch to increment or lessening the span of a content.


3. Incognito Chat

Google Allo likewise incorporates a cool undercover talk mode, like Telegram’s mystery visits highlight, which includes a self-destruct clock, watchful notices and the messages send in the talk are end-to-end encoded. Self-destructing messages is another component WhatsApp needs, so Allo wins some brownie focuses here.


4. Smart Reply

Presently, this is the place Google Allo exceeds expectations. There are a plenty of informing applications accessible today and none of them represent a risk to WhatsApp in light of the fact that they don’t have an executioner highlight. All things considered, Allo’s Smart Reply is something which makes the informing application significantly more addictive. Savvy Replies are AI-based answer proposals to a content or a photograph and it’s not a contrivance, as we have attempted the component and it unquestionably works amazingly well. For example, when you get a message like “How are you?”, Allo brings you answer proposals like “Great and u?”, “I’m alright, You?”, “Great, u?”.

It even brings you answer recommendations when a photo is send. For example, you get a photo of a puppy, Allo will recommend you answers like “Adorable canine!”, “So charming!”. Additionally, these keen answers are accessible right in the notice shade, so you don’t have to open the application.


While Allo’s Smart Reply highlight can’t deal with entangled messages just yet, Google says it will improve with time, as it gains from your method for chatting. Generally, Smart Reply is positively convenient when you have to react to messages on the go, without taking up a great deal of time. Once you’ve utilized it, odds are, you will wish WhatsApp had this component as well.

5. Google Assistant

Google Assistant makes Allo a significantly more practical informing application and this is something you will beyond a reasonable doubt miss on WhatsApp. Google Assistant is all that we envisioned a Google virtual collaborator to be and the sky is the limit from there. The Assistant is incorporated directly into Allo and you can utilize it in the middle of talks by means of @google or utilize its own one of a kind visit string. You can ask “What would you be able to do” to get an outline of every one of its functionalities. You can utilize it to get different results like climate information, flight data, news, adjacent spots, explore, play diversions, decipher dialects and the sky is the limit from there. You can even utilize it to set a caution or an update.


Besides, everything works right inside the application, so you don’t need to leave a discussion to check flights, climate, news or whatever else so far as that is concerned. Likewise, it’s not Google Now, and it has an identity, much the same as Siri or Cortana, so in case you’re exhausted, you can request that it sing a melody, advise a joke or simply converse with it.


While stickers and in disguise visits won’t not allure a client to utilize Allo, Smart Reply and Google Assistant are some truly convincing components. All things considered, to aggregate things up, WhatsApp ought to be frightened! WhatsApp may be a component rich informing application yet it surely does not have the smarts of Google Allo.

What Allo lacks?

Google Allo is still a maturing informing application, so on the off chance that you contrast it with WhatsApp, you will locate an extensive rundown of missing elements. In any case, not every one of them are major issues, so everything relies on upon you. How about we look at a few elements that Allo needs when contrasted with WhatsApp.

1. Calls

On the off chance that you’ve gotten to be acclimated to making brings in WhatsApp, you will unquestionably miss it in Allo. WhatsApp Calls is an exceptionally helpful component, as it gives you a chance to make brings over WiFi or versatile information and it functions admirably regardless of the fact that you have a not too bad web association. It additionally incorporates an information sparing mode, so you don’t need to stress over losing a great deal of your versatile information transmission capacity. While Google offers video calling with Duo, it’s a different application by and large, which doesn’t compensate for an incredible client experience.


2. Last Seen, Status and Read Receipts Control

Google Allo does not have the “last seen” highlight from WhatsApp and that can be something to be thankful for or terrible, contingent upon what you need. Nonetheless, you need to concur that last seen is a decent approach to know whether a man is dynamic or not. Additionally, Allo does not demonstrate to you when somebody is online keeping in mind it includes read receipts, there is no real way to turn it off, dissimilar to WhatsApp. Another component Allo needs is Status redesigns, which isn’t as a matter of course a major issue yet proves to be useful in the event that you need your contacts to recognize what’s happening with you off late. Additionally, WhatsApp brings more protection related elements like the capacity to conceal last seen, profile picture or status.


3. Share Files and Text Fromatting

Alongside media sharing, WhatsApp likewise gives you a chance to share PDF records, archives, spreadsheets and presentations, which proves to be useful on the off chance that you need to rapidly send a document to a contact. Then again, Allo just gives you a chance to share media and area. Additionally, as we said above, Allo does not have the designing components accessible on WhatsApp like intense, italics and strike-through.


4. Backup Support

Dissimilar to WhatsApp, which lets you reinforcement your talks on Google Drive (Android) and iCloud (iPhone), Allo does not have any kind of reinforcement highlight, which is unquestionably amazing, thinking of it as’ Google. When you uninstall and reinstall the application on your gadget, you just get the names of the gathering talks and none of your visits are reestablished. While Google ought to bring reinforcement bolster at some point or another, the absence of a reinforcement highlight may without a doubt be a major issue for a few people.

5. Desktop Clients

Presently, this may be another major issue for a few. Google Allo is at present restricted to Android cell phones and the iPhone, which may pester individuals who need to get to their messages on a PC as well. Then again, WhatsApp offers a web customer and in addition a desktop application keeping in mind they don’t run autonomously, they are truly helpful on the off chance that you need to utilize the errand person from your PC.


6. User Interface


On the off chance that you’ve attempted Google Allo, you probably saw that its UI is fundamentally the same as WhatsApp and that is not an occurrence without a doubt. Google knows WhatsApp is the most well known emissary out there and the basic UI is the thing that makes the application speak to each segment of clients. There are minor contrasts however, as Allo consolidates Google’s quite commended Material Design a great deal better, with the coasting catch and use of hues.


Additionally, it incorporates the ground sirloin sandwich menu, which opens up a route drawer, which as I would like to think, is much less demanding to get to, when contrasted with WhatsApp’s three-speck menu catch on Android, particularly on bigger telephones. Likewise, I like the way that Google Assistant is coordinated directly into the application and there’s not a particular page or interface committed to it, which may have brought about a messed experience. Generally speaking, WhatsApp and Allo, both have a really comparable UI, which is easy to utilize and direct. Having said that, the Allo interface looks more cutting edge.


7. Security

WhatsApp has been panned in the past for offering entirely unassuming security to clients, notwithstanding, that changed with the late discharge that conveyed end-to-end encryption. WhatsApp scrambles every one of the talks and information like voice messages, media and so on end-to-end, which implies that not even WhatsApp can read your messages. Be that as it may, a late redesign to its security arrangement expressed that the application will impart client information to Facebook. While you can decide to not impart information to Facebook, in the event that you demonstration soon, it’s not a long haul arrangement.


Google Allo does not have a bit with regards to the security, as it just joins end-to-end encryption in the in disguise visit mode. Likewise, with Google Assistant coordinated and bringing you answers and logical results, it’s conspicuous Google is taking up information from your messages. While this will enhance the Smart Reply and Assistant components, it isn’t the most secure procedure.

To aggregate things up, WhatsApp is the more secure arrangement of the two, thinking of it as’ exclusive sharing client information like portable number, contacts and so on and not the messages with Facebook. Then again, Google Allo needs end-to-end encryption over the application and the Smart Reply and Assistant elements will clearly take up your message information to improve.