How to Save or Not Spend Money While Shopping Online

How to Save or Not Spend Money While Shopping Online

All the people are looking to save money while shopping and bargaining and haggling with the salesman were one of the best methods of doing so in the past. In this age of steep prices for each and every product, maintaining a tight budget is a must. But this was in the past, and with the introduction of online shopping, there are many ways to save money while shopping now. With lengthy office hours and heavy traffics people prefer to sit at home and do shopping with easy payment facilities and delivery facilities to your doorsteps. But, this online shopping does not allow you to bargain with the salesman or haggle for lower prices to save money while shopping. Here we will point out ways for you to save money while doing shopping online.

How to Save or Not Spend Money While Shopping Online

Conventional ways of saving money on online shopping

1. Coupon search

Looking for ways to save money while shopping is what all shoppers look for. While doing online shopping the best way to save money is to look for discount coupons. But with all sites offering different kinds of coupons to customers, customers have become wary about their genuineness. Some may really be fake, but most sites offer coupons worth 10-20% discount on their products. Collect these coupons and they can help you to save money on online shopping.

2. Comparison shopping

With the growth of online shopping and a multitude of sites offering you the platform to shop anything and everything with ease, you can compare prices of products with ease. This can definitely help you to save money. To save money by using a comparison shopping platform:

  • Know your needs and your budget
  • Use comparisons to know which product would best suit your needs.
  • Since price is the main parameter, compare the price across all the different platforms and buy from the one which serves your need at the least price.

Shopping platforms like MyPriceIndia, Junglee are best while researching online prices, along with platforms like FindYogi, Smartprix can be used to save money on the things you need the most.

3. 0% EMI

We think EMIs hardly save money, and you end up paying the same amount or more which you would have to pay in one shot, but EMIs actually save money because by paying on installments for something, you can save that amount of money for something else. But you have to be alert while buying things on EMI make sure it’s a 0% EMI option, or else instead of saving money you might just end up paying more than the price of the product.

4. Customer loyalty cards

Many online shopping places and e-commerce sites offer loyalty cards that can be settled for discounts or rewards. This is a secure way of saving money as these come from the platform where you shop, and they can be trusted easily.

Unconventional ways of saving money while shopping online

1. Know your needs

While shopping in the market you can see or ask the help of a person while buying a thing, but while shopping online if you are not sure about what you need and are not precise, then you might end up making a bad investment and lose money than save it. With an infinite number of choice in hand, make sure you know exactly what you want and whether it is what you need or not.

2. Decide within the community

To get the best product at the best rate select, approach and decide within your community on the need for the product which is best for you. There are many places which you can reach out to a community like this and decide quickly. So don’t get carried away by the different sites and their promises.

3. Find if you really need to shop online

While online shopping makes shopping really easy but the question is that do you really need to shop online for a few things. For example, if you need just one or two products it is easier to buy it from the nearest store than buy it online and wait for it for days rather than get it immediately. Thus, the point is shop online only when it’s feasible, and you have to buy many things, or it might just waste your money and instead of saving it you may waste it.


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