Screen Capture Plugins for Chrome Firefox or IE

Screen Capture Plugins for browser

With changing times it is unavoidable to change from OS’s inbuilt screen capture tools to browser plugins instead. These Plugins come with many added features and are very quick. Here are some of the best screen capture Plugins for Google Chrome, Mozilla Firefox, and Internet Explorer:

Google Chrome extensions to take screen shots

1. Awesome Screenshot: Capture and Annotate

Awesome Screenshot is one of the best Google Chrome Plugins for capturing screenshots. It is free and is simple and easy to use. Its other features are:

  • You can capture a whole web page or visible portion of the selected part as per your requirement
  • You can edit screenshots here, crop them or write on them, highlight important information or blur sensitive data
  • After doing all the editing, you can download the screenshot on your system.

Awesome Screenshot Capture and Annotate

2. Web page screenshot

Web page is a great alternative for Awesome Screenshot and has some great features like

  • You can capture a full web page or the visible portion of the webpage or edit the content of the web page before capturing the screenshot.
  • The editing features of this Plugin are similar to that of the Awesome Screenshots.

Webpage screenshot

Mozilla Firefox Extensions to take Screenshots

1. Awesome Screenshots Plus: Capture, Annotate, and More

Awesome Screenshot Plugin for Chrome and Awesome Screenshot Plus for Firefox are Provided by the same parent company Diigo Inc. The features are similar to what is offered by Chrome extension. You can either take full webpage screenshot or capture selected portion of the web page, edit it and download it with a single click.

Awesome Screenshot Plus – Capture, Annotate & More

2. FireShot for Mozilla Firefox

FireShot Plugin is available for Chrome, Firefox, IE, Safari, and Thunderbird. This tool offers lots of features, some of them are free and for other features, you have to opt for paid version of this tool. Some of its features are:

  • Here you can capture an entire web page or visible portion of the webpage or selected portion of the web page or the complete browser window.
  • You can capture the page and edit it. The editor admits adding text, combining two or more images, highlighting text, and numerous more features
  • If you don’t want to edit every page, you can protect it straight as PDF.

FireShot for Mozilla Firefox

Internet Explorer extension to take Screenshots

If you are looking for the best expansion to take screenshots in Internet Explorer, you can go with FireShot for Internet Explorer. The characteristics are more or less the same as explained in the above categories.


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