How to Uninstall Multiple Apps in Android on Rooted and Non-Rooted Devices


With more than 2 million applications on the Play Store, it’s nothing unexpected that various Android applications and recreations get transferred each day. Applications for music, customization, efficiency, and numerous different classes. Numerous web sources share them and our inquisitive personalities just won’t endure to attempt them. In any case, it’s simply following a couple days that we discover a heap of pointless applications in the application drawer taking up capacity on our Android cell phone for reasons unknown. So you choose to uninstall them however just to understand that you can just uninstall different applications one by one and that is one dull undertaking. Along these lines, to mozy down this procedure, we’d get a kick out of the chance to demonstrate to you how you can uninstall various applications on your Android cell phone with only a couple taps:

Presently, Android is an extensive group where there are two sorts of clients: clients that get a kick out of the chance to root their gadgets and do a great deal more with their cell phones and clients that stay with the stock way of Android for a more secure ordeal. Try not to stress, we have an answer for both established and also non-established gadgets. Along these lines, this guide is composed for both the established and non-established clients.

On Non-Rooted Devices

Clients with non-established Android cell phones can uninstall various applications in two or three ways:

Uninstalling Multiple Apps using an Advanced File Explorer

You can utilize any propelled record chief application like ES File adventurer (free) or Solid Explorer (free trial). All document administrator applications bring the ability to uninstall numerous applications. Here, we are utilizing Solid Explorer.

It’s quite simple. In Solid Explorer under the classification Collections in the route drawer, go to Applications. You’ll discover the User Apps and System applications envelope. We need to bargain just with User Apps organizer, so tap on the envelope and you’ll discover all your introduced applications. Presently, you should simply choose various applications and tap on the delete symbol.


You’ll be incited with an affirmation exchange to uninstall, which will appear for each application that you chose. Along these lines, that is a con that you’ll need to think about on as a non-established phone.

Uninstalling Multiple Apps using Third-party Uninstaller App

Android clients can likewise utilize a uninstaller application to uninstall numerous applications. We are utilizing the Simple Uninstaller (free with in-application buys). Here too the procedure is same. The application will demonstrate to all of you the introduced applications and you simply need to choose the applications that you need to uninstall and hit the delete symbol.


It likewise gives you the choices to sort the applications by name, date, and size. Sorting by size will help you locate those cumbersome applications and diversions that you can uninstall to free up some stockpiling. Here too you will be provoked with the uninstall affirmation exchange for each application. Be that as it may, on the off chance that you have an established phone then this application will uninstall your chose applications in seconds without the affirmation discourse.

Be that as it may, there are better alternatives for established phones on the Play Store that won’t simply uninstall the application and its substance additionally the extra reserved records, which the above applications neglect to do.

On Rooted Devices

In the event that you have an established Android cell phone, you should know about applications like SD Maid and Titanium Backup. While these applications are known for different elements, they additionally incorporate the alternative to uninstall various applications. Dissimilar to applications for non-established gadgets, these applications thoroughly expel every one of the substance of the applications, including the remaining documents. Likewise, as specified above, you won’t be incited with an affirmation exchange for any application.

Uninstalling Multiple Apps using Titanium Backup

Download and introduce Titanium Backup (free and master forms) on the off chance that you haven’t as of now. Presently, on the principle page of the application, tap on the Batch symbol in the upper right corner. Look down to the Un-introduce segment where you’ll discover the choice to bunch uninstall client applications.


Tap on Run and it will demonstrate to all of you your introduced applications. As a matter of course, all the applications will be chosen. Along these lines, to begin with, tap on Deselect all and after that physically select the applications you need to uninstall. After you are done selecting, hit the green right symbol to begin the procedure of uninstalling.


Presently, how about we perceive how you can uninstall different applications utilizing SD Maid:

Uninstalling Multiple Apps using SD Maid

SD Maid is a framework cleaning device that expels carcass documents and reserved records that are of no utilization and cleans your framework stockpiling. All things considered, it has numerous different components in the engine yet we’ll center here on uninstalling applications and their scraps. Thus, download and introduce SD Maid (free and master variants), in the event that you haven’t as of now.

In the SD Maid application, open the route drawer and tap on App Control. In the following screen, hit the invigorate button and you’ll see all your introduced applications. On the off chance that you need to erase framework applications, you’ll need to check the choice in the Settings page to incorporate framework applications.


Presently, you should simply choose the applications and hit Delete from the top menu. After the applications are uninstalled, you can run a brisk output to erase the remains of the application from the Quick Access tab.