What does your email address say about you?

what does your email address say about you

Email-id itself say many things, it decides your first impression.Today is the time of the internet. most of the business are running with the power of the internet even without a physical place. An email id plays a crucial role in an online business. Also says Email id is an essential thing to run an online business. When we are  dealing or communicating first time with a client or any person, who not know you till now. He always makes a thought about personality with our mail id and our talking style. I know it is now easy to accept, But it is true

Let’s take some examples:

Email id

 Thoughts about that email id holder

  This Email id makes sense that 1972 may be the birth year of Robert.the person Robert is about a 40-year-old person.


Can say that the person having this mail id is something rocking type or interested in songs, music, movies.


The person with you can communicating is may a doctor.many people use their profession in mail id also.


sometimes we also see some mail ids without having any prefix and postfix in that. What will we think? We believe the person having a unique name or using email services from a long away


It seems like some company mail account. But company trust level is low cause not having email id on its own domain, mean the company is now such large that is not able to buy an even domain name which is starting from 5usd.


Something like official email id of a business.you can trust that you are communicating with an authorized person of particular organization.

Some other thing also which your Email id say about you:

  1. Gender of the person.
  2. Birth year or age of the person.
  3. Hobbies of the person.
  4. Nature type of the person.
  5. Company/school/college/organization name in which that person in currently working or studying.
  6. The profession of the person.

Every person thinks what should be the email id. Email id is not a thing which is always kept in your house. Everyone makes email id to spread his business or spread his thoughts. so let’s explain some important thing which should be borne in mind while making an email address:

  1. It should be as simple as you can make.
  2. Try to avoid words like rocking, cute, smile, baby, etc.
  3. Always choose the name which represent you.
  4. Avoid prefix and postfix number as much as possible.
  5. it should be easy to tell someone.
  6. Should not be too large.